Real Estate

Real estate deals are becoming ever more complex. Increasingly they are cross border, highly structured and involve sophisticated financing arrangements.

Our legal assistance includes not only the core traditional activities involving development, leasing, financing, buying and selling property, but it involves a more general advise to the client and can include anything from tax and fund structuring to indirect investment in property, including share and unit trust sales and acquisitions and joint venture arrangements.

Legália offers high standard advise with a comprehensive view on everything around the deal: this is made possible by a well equipped team, which may be a multi-sectorial team including professionals with skills in other fields such as finance and commercial.

The key for a fruitful advice for our clients is our understanding of the clients’ objectives that enables Legália to offer innovative, sound, technical and clear advice, all in a cost efficient way.

The competitive rates and the adoption of the appropriate strategy in structuring the deal also under a tax perspective, the ability to patronize the best interest of the clients during the negotiation are all additional elements that make our Firm a business partner to our clients.

We represent Italian as well as foreign investors and owners, both private and public entities, including banks, funds (real estate investment funds, private equity, hedge funds and pension funds), lessees, owners, asset management companies, developers and lenders.