Payment Services

The whole payment industry is evolving with the entry of large and small IT companies which integrate payment solutions into their consumer platforms and become payment providers for the “.com” market (PayPal, Amazon Payments, Apple Pay, Google Wallet).

The E2E payment process has become more complex with the diversification of roles and increased number of players from issuers, to acquirers, to payment processors to payment gateway.

With the booming of online businesses and the exponential growth of revenue opportunities for retail sales through the Internet, being able to offer or integrate the right payment solution is vital.

Payment service providers took up the challenge and started to compete with traditional payment providers offering new, smart and flexible payment solutions. The market landscape starts to diversify and the regulators focus on market developments to adapt the rules and embrace the new prospects of competitive players.

Knowledge and experience is niche in this market and the regulatory framework is developing and tightening around the following pillars:

  • Create a more competitive market at EU level (Payment Services Directive 2)
  • Protect the security of transactions and customer data (New EBA customer authentication requirements)
  • Allow convergence between technology and traditional financial services (PSD2).

Legália with its proven track record experience in this area can offer the knowledge and expertise to advise its business clients on their strategy and critical projects and navigate them through the regulatory maze at EU and national level, assist them throughout bid processes, structuring of commercial agreements and shaping of their customer solutions.


November 3rd, 2023|0 Comments

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