Intellectual Property

The definition of intellectual property in the new digital economy stretched to serve new business models where products and services are accessible online, and marketing and communication happen over social media. Everything can be found online and everything can be reproduced. Hence the importance to protect concepts, ideas, content, logos, trademarks and any critical business element developed with capital investment and investment of human resources.

IP can be lucrative. In the technology sector some companies have evolved business models that are entirely based on inventing new technologies, patenting the invention and then licensing the rights without ever manufacturing goods.

The Firm assists its clients in the developement and protection of intellectual works and proprietary information and trademarks as well as in connection with consumer protection and privacy law, with a strong focus on e-commerce and the use of internet as communication tool.

Our lawyers, also leveraging on their previous experience as in-house legal counsels in major corporates and financial institutions, support the client with legal opinions, feasibility studies or operational instructions, assistance in contractual drafting and negotiations.

We, at Legália pay very much attention to the potential of our business clients and aim to protect any aspects of IP for our clients and raise their awareness around the importance of Intellectual Property Rights for their growth and development.