Technology, Communications and Payments

The last few years have seen significant changes in banking, payment, tax, investment and financial disclosure regulations. While complex regulation contains a bulk of provisions that restrict incumbent business practices and hardly foster entrepreneurial innovation, new opportunities have arisen for those that can move quickest and are least encumbered by legacy. Tech companies are having a large opportunity in this space.

Legália with its expertise in technology and payment services offers best in class service to support entrepreneurial innovation.

Senior lawyers of the firms have been senior legal advisors of international financial institutions and payment organisations. With their technology background, they have further developed in-depth knowledge of the payment industry and led legal support for start-ups in the financial technology sector.

Experience includes:

  • Legal Support for the launch of an e-commerce retail business platform designed to leverage its B2B and B2C business relations across online, desktop and mobile applications
  • Identification of customer requirement and mapping of customer journey, corporate governance and target operating model
  • Negotiation and drafting of payment acceptance contracts and advice on other corporate payment solutions
  • Legal advice in connection with the development of new contactless payment devices (wearables)
  • Structuring and negotiation of complex technology agreements to support the provision of financial services globally.

The Firms professionals can offer strong commercial awareness and good knowledge of payment scheme rules and consumer regulations.


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