Credit Management

Companies have to deal on a daily basis with the “credit risk”. The more structured the business activity is, the more decisive the credit management becomes.

Legália is equipped to offer a consolidated experience in credit management to both sides of the deal:

– to the lender (normally, banks) or, more broadly,, the entity ultimately bearing the financial consequences from the customers’ insolvency;

– to the entity struggling to comply with its debt obligations.

Under the first perspective, Legália can provide effective assistance in all the phases of recovery of the claim, and it is available to customize its remuneration according to the successful outcome of the activity. Our team professionally manages debt recovery, both out-of-court (analyzing the position, liaising with the counterpart, evaluating and negotiating the settlement, drafting settlement agreement) and in litigation (analyzing the economic and financial condition of the debtor and any guarantor, liaising with the counterpart, carrying out the cost-benefit analysis as to whether start court proceedings).

Under the second perspective, our lawyers support the entity in difficulty by assisting it in the management of the wide array of debt restructuring tools.