Energy Trading

The energy sector presents many angles that are developing in Italy. Legália is active in this sector particularly on the energy trading as well as in connection with the administrative law aspects that the client faces in its operation.

Some of the senior lawyers have developed direct experience as in-house lawyer in large international energy groups, which allows the Firm to offer a business oriented and specialised assistance to large and small medium energy trading companies operating in Italy.

We focus, among others, on the following areas of activity:

  • Negotiation of EFET Master Agreements and relevant Appendices as well as ISDA Master Agreements
  • Participation to auction organised by Single Buyer (Acquirente Unico) and by Terna
  • Virtual transportation transactions and virtual power plants transactions (VPP)
  • Drafting and negotiation of intercompany service agreements, nomination and scheduling agreements, hedging agreements, sponsorship agreements
  • Legal and regulatory matters with the Transmission System Operators (Terna and Snam), the national energy regulator (AEEGSI), the national financial regulator (CONSOB)

In addition, thanks to its network of independent leading professionals in the areas of Energy Law and Administrative Dispute Resolution, the Firm provides on-going assistance as well as tailor made support in litigations and out-of-court-dispute resolutions to national and international companies operating in the renewable energy sector (see the relevant practice “Energy“).


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