Article 325-novosexagies (5)(e) and (6)(d) CRR provides that an institution that, for the purposes of calculating the own funds requirement, has not been authorised to estimate the probability of default or loss given default, shall develop an internal methodology or use external sources to estimate the probability of default.
The requirements of such an internal methodology must be consistent with those applied to methodologies of institutions authorised to estimate probabilities of default or losses in case of default.
However, there may be cases where neither the use of external data sources or the use of internal models, due to the lack of input data or the disproportionate effort that this would require, is not possible in compliance with the CRR provisions.
The Delegated Regulation therefore defines, on one hand, the conditions for fulfilling the same requirements that apply to authorised institutions and, on the other hand, the authorised exemptions from the requirements of Article 325-novosexagies CRR.
The proposed changes aim primarily at updating the annex which replicates the data template issued by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) on a yearly basis.
The consultation will end on 1 September 2023.