ESMA has launched a consultation on certain technical issues to provide further guidance in its future manual on post-trade transparency.

This Consultation Paper focuses on the new Level 3 guidance that will be included in the manual which is meant to provide further clarifications on:
  • issues related to post-trade transparency to improve the consistency and usability of the information published; and
  • the reporting to ESMA’s Financial Instruments Reference Data System – FITRS – for the performance of the transparency calculations.
The manual will provide a general overview of the post-trade transparency regime for equity, equity-like and non-equity instruments and will include in one single document:
  • legal references of Level 1 (MiFIR / MiFID II);
  • legal references of Level 2 (RTS 1 and RTS 2);
  • legal references of Level 3 (Opinions/Guidelines);
  • guidance included in previously published Q&As; and
  • new Level 3 guidance.
The European Commission adopted RTS 1 and RTS 2 on 17 January. ESMA sent a positive opinion on the latter regulatory technical standards at the end of 2022.
The consultation will end on 31 March 2023.
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