ESMA has published its annual peer review report on the supervision of EU Central Counterparties (CCPs) by National Competent Authorities (NCAs).

The Peer Review measured the effectiveness of NCA supervisory practices in assessing CCP compliance with EMIR’s requirements on liquidity stress testing.

ESMA has published its Final Report on the functioning of Organised Trading Facilities (OTFs).

The report contains recommendations and possible amendments to MiFID II/MiFIR with a view to reducing the level of complexity for market participants and making the legal framework more effective.

ESMA has published its third annual statistical report on the Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) sector. The report has found that the sector increased by 15% in 2019 to EUR 6.8trn in net assets from EUR 5.9trn in 2018.

ESMA has published its Final Report containing draft regulatory technical standards (RTS) relating to changes to central counterparty  (CCP) services and activities, as well as models and parameters under EMIR.

The Draft RTS specify:

  • the conditions under which additional services or activities to which a CCP wishes to extend its business are not covered by the initial authorisation and therefore require an extension of authorisation;
  • the conditions under which changes to the CCP’s models and parameters are significant and therefore require a validation; and
  • the procedures for consulting the CCP college on whether those conditions are met.

 EBA has published the updated list of regional governments and local authorities (RGLAs) that may be treated as central governments (CGs), as well as the list of public sector entities (PSEs) that may be treated as RGLAs or CGs for the calculation of capital requirements, in accordance with the EU Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR).

EIOPA has published technical information on the relevant risk free interest rate term structures (RFR) with reference to the end of March 2021.

RFR information has been calculated on the basis of the updated representative portfolios published on 16 December 2020 and the content of the Technical Documentation published on 16 December 2020 and based on RFR coding released on 8 October 2019.

 EIOPA has published the technical information on the symmetric adjustment of the equity capital charge for Solvency II with reference to the end of March 2021.

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L’IVASS ha segnalato 11 siti internet irregolari



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Pubblicato nella Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 84 del 8 aprile 2021 il Provvedimento Banca d’Italia 25 marzo 2021 in materia di disciplina della Centrale di allarme interbancaria.

Il Provvedimento mira ad adeguare il regolamento della Banca d’Italia sul funzionamento dell’archivio informatizzato degli assegni bancari e postali e delle carte di pagamento al nuovo quadro normativo che disciplina l’obbligo di annotazione a carico degli emittenti delle carte di pagamento cui al comma 1, lettera c) dell’art. 10-ter della legge 15 dicembre 1990, n. 386.