Simone Calvigioni


Dispute Resolution

• Admitted to the Bar of Civitavecchia (2015)
• LLB (Laurea in Giurisprudenza) at University of Rome “Roma Tre” (2011)

• Legal Professional Course at Rome University “La Sapienza” (2013)
• Collaborates with “Il Foro italiano” law journal and “Euroconference Legal – on-line weekly publication on the civil lawsuit” law journal
• Collaborates with the “Merito ed Extra” database of “Il Foro Italiano”
• Researcher for “Legal Protection and out-of-court procedures” at the LUSPIO – Rome University of International Studies
• Collaborates with academic courses in Civil Procedural Law (Legal Professional Course) at Rome University “Roma Tre”
• Author of several publications in the subject of creditor rights protection and judicial enforcement, and Civil Procedural Law

Italian, English