Bank of Italy has published four new Working Papers (nn. 1438-1441):
(Only in Italian)
Il testo approvato tornerà in terza lettura al Senato per un emendamento approvato dalla Camera, il quale modifica una copertura di circa 200 mila euro da spostare dalla competenza 2023 a quella 2024 che insisteva ancora sul 2023.
This package provides the standard specifications that include the validation rules, the Data Point Model (DPM) and the XBRL taxonomies to support the amendments to the reporting and disclosure technical standards on minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities and total loss absorbing capacity (MREL/TLAC), as well as some minor corrections to the technical package on the interest rate risk in the banking book (IRRBB).
The DPM Query Tool has also been updated to reflect the current release.