18 12, 2020

PRIIPS: New procedure for accessing the KIDs of the PRIIPs and related structured data

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On 15 December, a new procedure for accessing documents containing key information, the so-called KID of the PRIIPs – pre-assembled retail and insurance investment products – was defined with the obligation to make the PRIIPs-related information and structured data marketed in Italy accessible to Consob (Resolutions no. 21639 and n. 21640 of 15 December 2020 – Only Italian […]

17 12, 2020

ESMA renews its decision requiring net short position holders to report positions of 0.1% and above

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The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU’s securities markets regulator, has renewed its decision to temporarily require the holders of net short positions in shares traded on a European Union (EU) regulated market, to notify the relevant national competent authority (NCA) if the position reaches, exceeds or falls below 0.1% of the issued […]

1 12, 2020


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[Newsflash n. 72]

CDP Venture Capital SGR has set up a new “Fondo Rilancio”, which will invest the 200 M€ allocated by the Decreto Rilancio in Startups and Innovative SMEs.

CDP Venture Capital SGR set up a fund (the “Fondo Rilancio” – “Fund”), in charge of allocating 200 million euros, allotted by the Ministry of Economic […]

24 11, 2020

FINTECH: new EU Digital Finance Package

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[Newsletter n. 18]

The EU Commission adopts a new set of measures to foster FinTech

On 24 September 2020, the European Commission has adopted a new Digital Finance Package that encompasses a broader strategy for digital finance and legislative proposals on crypto-assets and digital resilience. The goal is to make the EU financial sector more competitive so […]

23 11, 2020

A digital euro

By | November 23rd, 2020|Finance, FinTech, Payment Services|

The ECB, as guardian of the euro, provides currency in two forms: we issue banknotes and we transfer electronic deposits to banks and other financial institutions.

Digitalisation has spread to every corner of our lives and transformed how we pay. In this new era, a digital euro would guarantee that citizens in the euro area can […]

4 11, 2020

Leonteq opens in Italy

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October 2020. We are pleased to announce the opening of the new branch in Italy of our client Leonteq Securities (Europe) Gmbh, German intermediary of the Swiss Leonteq Group, operating in the investment products industry.

Legália, with the team lead by our partner Vito Vittore, worked alongside Leonteq in the establishment of the branch in Milan in […]

10 08, 2020

PRIIPs: Consob consultation on new data exchange requirements for KIDs

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[Newsflash n. 71]

Following the abrogation of Article 4-decies of Legislative Decree no. 58/1998 (Consolidated Finance Act, TUF) and the consequent repeal of the obligation of prior notification to Consob of PRIIPs KID (see our Newsflash no. 39), on 30 July 2020 Consob launched a public Consultation concerning certain amendments to Artcile 34-bis of Consob […]

22 06, 2020

MONTE TITOLI: new direct payment service for covered warrants and certificates

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Market Notice of 15 June 2020: amendments to Instructions for the CSD Service and for the Settlement Service and related instrumental activities.

Instructions of the CSD Service have been amended to introduce the possibility for issuers to instruct Monte Titoli for the payment of the amounts resulting from the exercise of covered warrants and certificates providing […]

14 04, 2020

Enhanced Transparency: CONSOB introduces new rules on disclosure of significant shareholdings and “declaration of intentions”.

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Consob has adopted two measures (Resolutions n. 21326 of  9 April 2020 and n. 21327 of 9 April 2020 only Italian version) which, in the context of the new powers given to the Authority by the “Business Decree” (Law Decree No 23 of 8 April 2020), provide for a regime […]

25 03, 2020

CONSOB suspends the deadline for the payment of supervisory contributions and extends the suspension of all the terms of the proceedings under way at the ACF

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Consob,  taking into account the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19, decides to:

  • suspend until May 15, 2020 the deadline, already set for April 15, for the payment of supervisory contributions for 2020 due by Italian and foreign supervised entities (resolution no.21305 of March 18, 2020).
  • further extend, from March 22 to April […]
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